When Restlessness Answers, by Nancy J.

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My life began in a small country home, with 3 sisters and 1 brother. We lived on a dirt road outside of a small city. I married at the age of 17, became a mother to a daughter and son, divorced after 15 years and I am still single today. As I write and look back I treasure my memories from my growing up years and becoming a mother. When we treasure our memories the treasures are memories that are beautiful and those that are painful. Yet, for all of us whether good or bad, they are what shape us into the men and women we are today.

In the last few weeks, I began to feel a restlessness that arrived at unexpected times of my day. This morning as I started my day this restless arrived again. I stopped what I was doing and decided to see if today…

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A Decision On Sunday To Choose Joy

children village

Today I decided to live my day in quiet contemplation. I thought of my trip to Africa a few years ago and 3 others countries. These trips changed my life forever. In fact they changed the way I listen in the U.S.A. They changed what I see as struggle in comparison to those who complain in the U.S.A.

Today after church I made my way to a local McDonald’s, ordered a coffee and a chicken sandwich and found a quiet corner. I sat with my tablet, paper and pen and wrote a few thoughts on what I will be writing on this week.

A young couple sat next to me and we began a conversation about technology. They left and replaced by a family. We also had an interesting conversation and we laughed together. Their grade school children were having problems imagining what life was like before games and smart phones.

Eventually I packed everything up and wished my new friends a good day and made my way to my car. A young man began to chat with me about the weather. I stopped and we laughed and we chatted. As I drove away I thought of the many people who try to take away my joy in this season of my life. They are the ones who want me to live immersed in their struggles and listen 24/7. They forget that those who lead and listen have feelings too. You see this all began a couple of weeks ago when I was hanging out with friends.

In our conversation these were the words that flowed out of my lips, “I have no life, living here.” As I am reminded of these words tonight, I decided I will not feel guilty for taking a break from listening to others in this city.

This is my season, and I am walking into new relationships with a decision to choose joy. With a focus on my family who I love very much.


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(This report was given just ten years ago.)

We just returned from a mission to Nicaragua which far exceeded our expectations. Hundreds of people responded. I believe there are some key ingredients that helped to insure success.

1. We had a God-given vision. It was specific, narrow, focused. We went there for the exclusive purpose of reaching a poverty-stricken village, on the outskirts of the mountain town of Jinotega, with the Good News of Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

2. We had a well-developed strategy. We divided into small teams that included children from the orphanage and also a translator. These teams went from house to house, visiting with and praying for people as the Holy Spirit led them. People gave their lives to Jesus. Some were healed in their own homes. All were invited to the evening meetings at the orphanage.

3. We were bathed in prayer and intercession…

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Prayer, Ferguson And The World

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All of our topics flow from 1 of 3 topics. 1- Our Relationship With Jesus Christ 2- Our Relationships With Other Believers 3- Our Relationships With Those Who Do Not Believe As We Believe. less

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Christian Leaders and Public Scandals

In the last few years because of the public scandals in the christian community life gets pretty rocky for those of us who are trying our best to lead with integrity. The social networks hit the share buttons, the tweet flies by our eyes, the dialogue continues. Behind the scenes churches come up with new ways of accountability for leaders, and tighten down the hatches.

I don’t believe more accountability and more structure is the answer. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying as leaders we are not to be accountable to others. Down through the ages, including in the bible, sin rears its ugly head in the life of leaders and the church and accountability is necessary.  Yet lets not batten down the hatches on all believers and christian leaders, because of those who messed up big time and are all over the news. Opinions flow freely on the social networks from those who are Christ followers and those who are not. Church boards across the nation begin to restructure, because they are saying we will not allow this to happen to us!

Lets get real here, without making excuses! Sin began in the garden of Eden, it continued on during the time of the Old Testament and the New Testament! It is not going away just because we place tighter and tighter controls on our Christian leaders and the body of Christ. Man made rules will never work. All they will do is place a leader in a position of leading from fear, instead of a love that flows from Jesus Christ.