In the last 2 years I worked to move offline discipleship, equipping and training to online areas. In this season of my life everything I do will now be a combination of on and off-line. This task was larger than I could ever dream it would be! The online world requires a different style of equipping and training than face to face. Our world has changed, which means it was important for me to learn to communicate in today’s changing world!

Currently I am the Leader/Facilitator of, “The Relationship Project.” There is a video  explaining, “The Relationship Project” at the end of this post. I also;

*Equip and train in the areas of Personal Development.

*Traveled globally partnering with translators and other christian leaders teaching material from The Relationship Project.

*Am the Leader, Designer and Facilitator of the online/offline school for The Relationship Project.” (This will be available soon!)

What I enjoying doing?

I enjoy simple things like, coffee with friends, driving in the country, hanging out near any body of water and long walks. Oh yes, and I love to travel and meet new people!

What motivates me? *When I am leading I love to see the eyes of others light up when they grasp a concept. *Reading about and listening to people who share their life story and did not give up!






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