When The Coffee House Band Plays

       ImageYesterday as I was working  I was listening to a band that plays in a coffee house. Funny how memories surface. I recall; A few years ago; Life was really tough. I was sitting in a crowded coffee house on a Friday evening. The people I was sitting with were talking about (I should say bragging) about the BIG things they were doing or going to be doing, because they knew what they were doing, and how to do it.

Feeling discouraged, I sat and listened, because I was there to support the band that was singing. What happened next was definitely not my doing. The lead singer of the band, was talking and said, Nancy Watta are you in the house? Oh dear, not the kind of attention I desire. He asked me to come up front and share a few words, so I did and as I walked forward I was thinking gee God, now! When finished speaking, I walked back to the table, everyone at the table was quiet, in fact a few got up and left. Just another day, walking among the people, serving and speaking in unexpected places.

Reminder; 2 Timothy 4:2, Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction.

The Homeless Young Adult


There are times I wonder if my writing will leave me. Will I open my eyes one day and have no words or thoughts to type on a page or podcasts to record? Will my words become like relationships? Relationships that were once a part of my life that are nowhere to be found. Life changed when my school and company closed. They were both important communities in my life. Communities of relationships. Relationships with a commonality of purpose. Then suddenly they were gone. It took me a few years to figure out why I could not find where I belonged. I did not realize that my employment and my school were my community. They were the places where I spent the majority of my time.

My employment was one that connected me with many people in my city. They became my friends, but then life changed. When a woman loses everything she is no longer connected with those in the corporate world. For me this set my feet on a journey of  asking myself where do I fit now? It is not that I did not know who I was in Christ as a christian. My life circumstances required me to move many times, which then required me to change churches.

People began to see me as a woman who is not connected to community. Yet, many did not try to ask why my life changed or if they did ask they really did not listen to the answer.  I realize that I was not to find where I belonged in this city, because the fact is I no longer am part of community here other than my physical body is present.

As I move into the future I speak for many in the same way as I did in the past. As a single mother years ago, I was a voice for an organization that spoke for single mothers. I was the voice in the local papers, on the radio and within our local government. I stood by those who did not have a voice. I walked in to courtrooms and held those in charge accountable to the law they were to uphold as elected officials.

This week I am beginning to once again speak for those who have no public voice.  I speak for the young man with the sign with the words homeless looking for work, standing next to my car as I waited at a stoplight, driving a car that a friend  loaned to me for the day. I recall the conversation this young man and I had only 2 days ago. Everyone needs relationships and everyone needs people, don’t they? How right this young man’s words were as he spoke to me. We both agreed with each other as we looked into each others eyes.

I quickly shared my story and He said,  “you don’t look like you live on the edge of homelessness you look good!”  I thought the same of him. Before I drove away I asked him if he knew what I meant when I say, trust God. He nodded his head, as the light turned green I looked at him again and said trust God and go back to the Rescue Mission and allow them to help you. I believe this was a day that was orchestrated by God.  It was at a stoplight in a city I am leaving behind, an afternoon on a hot steamy day, two people encouraging one another in a place where no one sees. I believe this is the place that God looks down and smiles.