The Beauty Of Community

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Be A Part Of Book 2 on CommunityThe 2nd book in a series of 3 is on the topic of the body of Christ and community. I would love to include the thoughts of others in this book. If I use your thoughts I will be using your first name only. I also will contact you before using. Answer the following question with your personal thoughts.

Why is the body of Christ and being part of a Christian community important to you?

How has community in the past or currently making a difference in your life?

Does being part of community make your life more beautiful? If yes, how?

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*The Beauty of Community*


Nancy J:

Today I was in a conversation with a friend on the topic of healing. In the area of healing, I am one who prays for physical healing for those who are critically ill until God makes the decision, it is time for me to bring you home to be with me. Recently a dear friend who was one of my mentors went home to be with Jesus. He and his family believed and stood in faith for healing, at the same time understanding that when it is time my friend would be taken home to be with Jesus. If we say the enemy took him home, we are saying the enemy is bigger than God. Does God cause sickness, no I believe he does not, but he does tells us that he decides the length of our life. Now that my friend is no longer with us, we will carry on his legacy, “to make disciples, who make disciples.”

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“In science, a formula is a concise way of expressing information symbolically as in a mathematical or chemical formula.”  – Wikipedia

There is no formula, no apologetic that can replace the direct relational experiences that belong to the sons of God.  For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

Paul could have tried a formula to rid himself of that thorn in the flesh.  But, he did not take matters into his own hands.  Instead, he implored the Lord three times that it might leave him.  Paul relied upon his relationship with God, and He answered him:  “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”

Paul identified the thorn in his flesh as “a messenger of Satan to torment me.” Most of us believe that both healing and deliverance were included in the atonement.  We…

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A Heart That Seeks

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2015 A Year Of Travel And New Things!

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Each year instead of a New Years Resolution the Lord gives me a word for the year. Yes, if you are wondering what that means when I say the Lord gives me a word, I am a christian. I am a Christ following. I believe every word in the word of God, the bible. I believe every word is true and inspired by God!

My word for 2014 was beauty. This word assisted me to see beauty in tough times. For 2015 my word arrived early. My word for 2015 is thankful. A year of thankfulness is on its way. In fact it is beginning now! It is also a year of publishing 3 books and travel! Beauty and thankfulness!

A word for my blog followers and readers; Never give up! If you do you may miss what is waiting for you just around the corner.

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Journeying Through the Beatitudes: A Servant’s Character in Christ

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Matthew addressed Jewish Christians from their perspective in his gospel. He wrote it during a time of great conflict over their identity after the second temple destruction. Even though they accepted Jesus as the Messiah, they still lived within the Jewish community and followed its traditions while different from Israel. The gospel author sought to reframe their new identity within the Christ community aligned to the nature and character of Jesus, King of Israel. This new identity pertains to contemporary Christians as well.–As Card wrote for this purpose “Jesus, tell me who you are, so I know who I am” (2013, Chapter 1, Section 2, para 8). Since Christ Himself embodied each trait, so too must His servants reflect His identity through their nature as salt of the earth and light to the world. These traits embody servant citizenship in the Kingdom of heaven in their fellowship with God (vertical relationship)…

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Forgive Really? Are You Talking To Me?




Forgiveness is a word I know well. As a woman who moved to a new city 17 years ago the verbal battle in this city was difficult. There are times that I recall words that people said to me that were cruel. A big part of healing is to acknowledge the words and not deny them. There are times that we go to the person, (as God’s word instructs) and other times it is impossible to meet with the person and talk the situation through. We can take it to the next step, and take someone with us, but that does not work either, especially with people who do not believe they harmed anyone with their words, or that they are wrong. What do we do when we did all we can do in a situation? We forgive, because forgiveness is what keeps us out of an emotional prison.

How did verse 35 speak to me today? It speaks to me as a reminder to forgive in the future in the same way that I did in the past. If I do not forgive, I will experience. v. 32-35.

Takes some time and read Matthew 18:21-35 and ask yourself; God are you talking to me?