The Relationship Project w/ Nancy J.


The Relationship Project is a community where we learn and grow together. The topics are based on Christianity and the bible in 3 areas of relationships.

We journey through relationships together as we grow in our discipleship as believers in Jesus Christ.

The Relationship Project focuses on 3 topics.
1- Our Relationship with Jesus Christ.
2- Our Relationship with other believers in Christ. (In Community)
3- Our Relationship with those who do not believe in Jesus Christ.

More about the relationship project

1- I am almost finished rewriting the one day workshop on Relationships in the three topics I shared above. The one day workshop was taught in the U.S.A. and in 2 other countries outside of my own. The goal is for this to be shared in a hard copy form with leaders in other countries.

2- On Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. EDT time  a group of women meet by conference call and prayer for their cities. If any women are interested in joining us contact me for more details at;

3- Currently we are in the middle of a technology upgrade. The Relationship workshop will be available online and set up to reach the global community. We will be able to teach our material and disciple online 24/7.

4- Future trips planned to 3 countries to continue discipling and teaching others.

5- Preparing to teach an online 3 week course; Learning To Live With A Calm Heart In A Chaotic World.

6- A 2nd online course is in the design stages. This is a course that is designed to teach christian leaders Interpersonal Communication For Christian Leaders.

7- Once I relocate my office we will be offering onsite courses, with more to come.

Thank you for your interest in, The Relationship Project. Please be sure to contact Nancy for additional information, to schedule a one day Relationship workshop, or invite Nancy J. to speak as a guest. Connect with her here >

Go to link below for information and details to assist with, “The Relationship Project.”

See video below explaining how the Go Fund Me finances will be used.




Important message- The Relationship Project is not a women’s ministry. The workshop is available for women only or a mixed gender group.

Dreams, Picnic Baskets, Card Board Boxes and Duct Tape


The Dream, (Part 1)

Today I opened my sleepy eyes way to early. In fact it was still dark out. I looked at the time on my phone and said, “Yes mam, back to sleep for me.” A couple of hours later I opened my eyes and this time I was wide awake. A vivid dream was immediately in my thoughts. I won’t share the dream here, maybe later in another post. All I know is this dream changed the trajectory of my day. It changed my day in a good way, a joyful way, and brings freedom to my heart, my mind and my soul. Before I share this dream, I need to make a trip to my mini storage garage and dig out a specific book. It is a book that I saw after the dream, and is the place where this journey in this city began. I smile when I think of this book. The book is beat up, has gray duct tape holding it together and torn pages, but it is special to me. My blog seems to be two parts today. Read below, this was posted on my private facebook page today. This arrived after thinking through the dream I mention here.

Picnic Baskets, Card Board Boxes and Duct Tape (Part 2)

Today I am thinking of picnic baskets and parks as I write. I miss being able to load my bag, my work, my lunch and move my office to the park. For now, this is my season away from living in close proximity to a park. The day will come again when I load up my bag, my work, and my lunch and off I will go.

Yes, it is possible to work hard at a park and accomplish much! You see, I asked God to give me a job where I can work anywhere or live anywhere and he is answering with the ocean. God does not always speak to us and direct us where to live, where to lead, and where to plant a church, by placing us in a box with no choices and wrap it tight with duct tape.

So to those who are sitting on the sidelines with a cardboard box and duct tape and calling it obedience, you will be waiting for a long time for this lady to jump in and allow you to seal me up! God’s obedience, is not a heavy weight that he places around our neck!

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

Old Seasons, New Seasons, and Question Marks

praying for our city poster Jan ParonIt is Monday and there are those who read my online material who may stumble across my words, “Yes, I am a Monday morning lover! I think it is, because I enjoy starting a new week, realizing that as we move through the week, it is another day that God gifts me with!  I changed my schedule for the day. Usually every morning Monday thru Friday I record a daily audio called; Backyard Chat w/ Nancy J. 

There is construction noise going on outside my window. Lots of sound from sledge hammers, saws, smaller hammers and worker chat. A new porch is beginning to emerge as the old is being torn apart. Life is like that sometime isn’t it? The old life from the previous season of life must be torn down and removed to step into the new season. As I write this once again I realize I am in a new season of life! In new seasons we live in the known and at the same time the unknown. In the new season we are willing to walk by faith as each new day approaches. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a new season with what I do know and even the part of life that is still a question mark!

For example 4 weeks ago I began co leading a time of praying for our cities. When this idea arrived my co leader and I set this up within one week. We had no idea that we would be launching this, but we were willing to step into the new challenge. This week we are stepping into week 4 and we continue on in this season. We are Praying for our cities!